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Things to Do and See in Suriname

A few of many things to do and see in Suriname.

Brownsberg Nature Park

The Brownsberg Nature Park is located in the Brokopondo District approximately 80 miles south of Paramaribo. 500 metres above sea level. the park occupies an area of 8400 hectares which was obtained by STINASU on a long-term lease basis from the Suriname Government.

Established in 1969, STINASA is mandated to, as a semi-governmental organization, to "stimulate, coordinate, and finance scientific exploration and exploitation of the Nature Reserves".

The Brownsberg National Park is the northern outpost for for several plant and animal species. Covered by neotropical rainforest consisting of hundreds of different species most of which are commercially valuable.

The park has three major Vegetation types. The hydrophytic vegetation (typified by the Pina Palm) grows in creek valleys at the base of the mountain. The Mesophyphytic vegetation is found on the slopes and is characterized by the number fo different tree species including the Groenheart, Ingipipa, Letterhout/Snakewood, Cedar and Purpleheart.

Galibi Nature Reserve

The Galibi Nature Reserve is situated in the North East Corner of Suriname, at the Mouth of the Marowijne River bordering French Guyana. 4000 hectares in size, 13 km long and 1 km wide the reserve is know for being the most important nesting beach for the oliver ridley turtle in the western Atalntic region. The reserve was established in March 1969 to protect the nesting beaches of sea turtles. It is the only beach where mass nesting aggregations of the olive ridley are known to have occurred in the Atlantic region.

Because the saline oceanic Guinea Current and the freshwater flow of the Marowijne River collide along the east and north borders of the reserve, it is exposed to many different environmental factors. This results in great biological diversity characterized by the Suriname coast. The reserve's primary function is to protect the sea turtles and its nesting beaches. But essentially all of the reserve's natural resources are protected.

The Galibi Reserve and nearby Amerindian villages are only accessible by boat, about 1½ hours from Albina. The local villagers are allowed to use the reserve for fishing, hunting, plant collecting and small scale agricultural activities.


This is a bustling city lying on banks the Suriname River. Fabulous colonial buildings including the Presidential Palace remind visitors of its Dutch hertitage. Behind the Palace is the Palmentium (Palm Garden).

Also visit St.Peter & Paul Cathedral, which is reputed to be the largest wooden building in the Americas.

Some of South America's finest examples of hindu temples, mosques and synagogues can also be found in the city.

Finally, the central market with its array of local fruits and vegetables is a must-see.

We recommend the walking tour (provided courtesy of

Joden Savanne

South of Paramaribo is Joden Savanne (Jews' savannah) where the ruins of the first Jewish synagogue (established 1639) in the Western Hemisphere can be seen.

Nieuw Nickerie

Situated on the south bank of the Nickerie River, opposite Guyana is Nieuw Nickerie. The capital of the district Nickerie and Suriname's second largest city. The city has twice been moved (in 1870 and 1879) because of erosion and is now protected by a sea wall.

Important for the economy of the city of Nieuw Nickerie is the trade in agricultural products primarily rice and bananas.
Tree in Brownsberg National Park
Tree in Brownsberg National Park

Papillon Island
"Papillon Island" - Blommesteinmeer Reservoir

Bus in Brownsweg
Bus in Brownsweg

Suriname River
Suriname River

Commewijne River
Commewijne River

Presidential Palace, Paramaribo
Presidential Palace, Paramaribo

Emancipation of Slaves Statue, Paramaribo
Emancipation of Slaves Statue, Paramaribo

St. Peter & Paul Cathedral, Paramaribo
St. Peter & Paul Cathedral, Paramaribo

The Palm Garden, Paramaribo

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